Zombie Bay   SUBMIT

I just got done playing a round 42 game of Classified with a friend and 2 bots. One bot, a Dempsey named Mark Lamia, went 0 downs and over 2000 kills, the most in the lobby, and did it without upgrading his guns or anything, just bought an ICR and went to town. The other bot, Nikolai, got only 3 downs and had the second most kills with an MX9. Honestly, I'm so happy Treyarch added bots to the mode. I was skeptical at first, but I played a match in solo before my friend got on and the bots actually helped me out and bought doors and stuff! They were so nice! And even though I was in solo, I got to hear all the special quotes and character interactions I'd normally only hear with a full squad. My friend was like "It's amazing how some bots are the best randoms We've ever had!" Treyarch, if you guys find this post, thank you so much for this addition to the game! ​