Zombie Bay   SUBMIT

So I've returned to Yu-gi-oh this year after many years off, and really loved grabbing 3 structure decks to make a deck but after getting Lair of Darkness, I was kind of disappointed and started playing ABCs cause I wanted to play a better deck (aka one that didn't lose to my friend's trash monarch deck) and once Assualt Core was sacrificed for Firewall's sins I picked up Altergeists. My friends and I picked up the legendary hero decks and I built a PK deck and had a lot of fun dueling my friends casually with it. So I wanted to know if spending $30 on 3 decks would make a good,fun deck like that. I'm interested in the Shared Ride reprint but obviously am not gonna spend $30 just for a playset. Tl;dr Is the deck worth buying 3 to make one? Or just buy the reprints I'm interested in instead