Zombie Bay   SUBMIT

Sales: Seville International - Anick Poirier anickp@filmsseville.com Festivals: Seville International - Ruby Rondina RRondina@filmsseville.com Production company: Pingpong Film - Alexander Brøndsted alx@pingpongfilm.com A couple trying to save their marriage during a zombie apocalypse. Info: http://www.sevilleinternational.com/f... IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7624934/ Karen and John have lost the spark of married life the day they were notified that they were unable to conceive. Now they almost live like the walking dead, imprisoned by everyday life and on the verge of divorce. When the world is hit by a pandemic that really turns people into zombies, the couple have to lock themselves in their apartment, waiting for rescue. While the world outside is falling apart, they are forced to find their way back to each other and reclaim their lost love.