Zombie Bay   SUBMIT

Mr. Bill Reality Hypnotist had stopped by a popular chain of restaurants in which the females dress very sexy and wear kilt outfits :) Anyway I had noticed Brittany who was having a couple drinks with her male friend. I started up a chat with them and started talking about how I take my Hypnotic Comedy Reality Hypnosis show to the public instead of performing in a comedy club. Brittany was very interested in taking a Trance. So after they finished their drinks we drove back to her apartment complex around the corner and I produced a cool Hypnotic Show. I started off with a 10 minute induction relaxing Brittany by slowly counting backwards from twenty having Brittany concentrating on her breathing and my voice. I next performed the fire under hand induction to see how deep Brittany has gone into the trance. Next I give Brittany the suggestion that her mouth is full of Novocaine, which opened her mouth slowly as the mouth becomes numb and her tongue comes out and it's difficult for Brittany to talk. I next attach imaginary helium balloons to Brittany's wrist to take her even deeper. I next set triggers into Brittany's subconscious. The next hypnotic suggestion Brittany can not add, subtract or count to the number four. Next Brittany thinks she is speaking with two Channing Tatum's her favorite actor. When Brittany shakes one Channing Tatum's hand she wins a million dollars and when she shakes the other Channing Tatum's hand she has a gigantic imaginary hypnotic orgasm. I next turn Brittany into a magicians assistant and tell her the magic show is sponsored by sheer pantyhose. This causes Brittany to walk off camera to the outside pool restroom to change into her silky nylons, just to note the nylons wore in this performance are for sale. I next proceed to saw Brittany in half with my hand. As my hand comes close to Brittany's stomach it becomes super funny and when I tap her forehead my hand becomes very scary. Next the apartment complex manager comes out and I tell Brittany when she looks at the apartment complex manager that she is totally naked. Next Brittany becomes a HSN host and is selling the sexy nylons to the large imaginary TV audience watching her. Brittany also removes her high heel sexy ankle boots to expose her very beautiful nylon feet. Brittany also falls in love rubbing her nylon legs, which causes her to have another imaginary hypnotic orgasm. Next Brittany talks into her high heels ankle boot because she thinks it's a shoe phone. Brittany is now a White House Operator speaking with Former President Bill Clinton and when she hears me say the famous Clinton phrase "I Feel Your Pain", this cause Brittany to have another imaginary hypnotic orgasm. When I snap Brittany out of trance real quick Brittany is surprised she has her high heel ankle boot up to her ear. I next perform Catalepsy with Brittany making her body stiff as steel and stretching her out between two pool deck chairs. Brittany balances on her left and right leg. I also stretch Brittany out like the letter V. I then next remove one chair and Brittany's body is still solid as steel at a 45 degree angle. I next turn Brittany into a statue frozen in time and when I awaken Brittany she has no idea why she is frozen in such a way. I next cause Brittany's arms to spin around in a quick circle motion non stop that leads into her reeling in a giant funny fish. Next Brittany's face becomes frozen in time and her eyes roll into the back of her head as I turn Brittany into a zombie. Next Brittany explains what she was in a past life. Next Brittany's hands and legs start shaking fast. The camera shuts off for just a second until I re position Brittany by the pools electric outlet. Next Brittany holds her finger out in front of her face and Hypnotizes her own self by sending herself back into a deep trance. Brittany becomes a flight attendant and starts talking into her high heel ankle boot. Brittany was an excellent visualizer and I am planning on another video shortly with Brittany. If you have any themed hypnotic suggestions for a new show or would loved to sponsor a themed show with Brittany respond to me by e-mail mrbil at mrbillshow.com. This show has a running time of 58 minutes. You must be over the age of 18 to view, order and download. Thank you for dialing in and watching. Mr. Bill Reality Hypnotist mrbillshow.com