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"It's a shit show on wheels, this is what I like to call it". - Tommy Cabrerizo After last years SnowTour through Sweden we brought the Team Galag SnowTour to Norway for 2018. Driving from Oslo via Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen to Storefjell Resort to drift the cars on a frozen lake before returning to Oslo. Featuring Jon Olsson, Seb Delanney, MrJWW, Sam Moores, Sam (Seen Through Glass) and many more... Directed by Kevin Koch Cinematography by Christopher & Kevin Koch Edited by Kevin Koch Additional drone footage by Another Brother and Ao Troppate Music: "The Destroyer" performed by Zombie Hyperdrive "Red Eyes" performed by Zombie Hyperdrive https://koch-films.com Team Galag Clothing available here: https://galag-store.myshopify.com More from Team Galag: https://www.facebook.com/teamgalag/